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At Yin Yang Massage and Spa, we proudly offer our massages under the knowledge of the authentic treasure of Royal Thai Massage, the wisdom of Country Style Thai Massage, the therapeutic heritage of traditional Chinese Reflexology and the well acclaimed Ayurvedic philosophy . For Oriental Massage treatments, fresh herbs and fresh traditional herbal ingredients are used to integrate the medicinal effects into our massages.

Yin Yang foot Massage

Yin Yang Foot Massage

Yin Yang Foot Massage
Foot Relax
Foot Scrub
Foot Hot Stone
Foot Detox

Thai Premium Massage

Thai Premium Massage

Thai Yin Yang balm Deep Tussue Massage
Thai Chalaisak Streacing Massage
Thai Rachasumnak Royal Massage
Thai Therapeutic Massage
Thai Head Hand Neck Shoulder Back Massage
Thai Lokprakob Hot Compress Massage

Spa Treatment

Spa Treatment

Yin Yang Aromatic Oil
Natural Body Scrub
Organic Therapeutic Warm oil
Hot Stone therapy
Hydrothrerapy Jacuzzi /Onsen private
Parafin hand treatment

Spa Packet

SPA Packet

Program Body scrub & arotherapy oil massge
Exclusive Spa Package
Spa Aura package
Stress away package
Royal Thai herb spa
Traveller choice couple Spa
Yin Yang balancing spa package

Chinese Royal Facial Treament

Facial Treament

Chinese Royal Facial Treament
Dr. recella Japanese Facial Treamet
Natural Facial Scrub Treatment

Discover our Services

We at Yin Yang Massage & Spa provide various services to the nature of the clients.

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Amazing experience!
My husband and I visited this spa several times during our stay in Bangkok. We had couples deep tissue massages and were lucky to have Tami and Tu work on us each time. Our massages here were performed by professional women with a lot of experience and the ability to tune in to our needs. The staff spoke enough English to make our communication easy. We both highly recommend the Yin Yang Massage Spa.


The spa service was amazing . Their tea was so good . Service was amazing .my back pain and headache disappeared. Definitely comming back.

Excellent Massage
I had an outstanding massage from Sam. It was my first Thai massage and she calibrated it perfectly to what I could take. She pushed a little bit all the time to get me beyond the basics without hurting too much. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good massage in Bangkok.

It was so relaxing! Thank you for amazing time. We want to come here again if we come to Bangkok in the future(Thanks Fon)

Our Services

Here is a wide range of services we provide!

Foot Massage

The first in town of Chinese Heritage Foot Massage, A long heritage Chinese therapy which is now widely acceptance as the complimentary therapy to a conventional medical care.

Oriental Heritage Massage

This Thai Heritage Massage was for Royal families in the olden period. Compress A superior level of Thai Traditional Massage that uses up to 14 Thai herbs combination.

Spa Treatment

The gentle rhythm massage combines with aromatic essential oil. It increases blood circulation, and stimulates the skin and nervous system and soothes the nerves themselves at the same time.

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ด้านหน้าโรงแรมรามาดา แม่น้ำ ริเวอร์ไซด์ 2070 ถนนเจริญกรุงซอย72/4 แขวงวัดพระยาไกร เขตบางคอแหลม, Bangkok, Thailand, Bangkok


Yin Yang The Original Massage and Spa

We do Quality Massage!!Yin Yang Massage & Spa was found with the inspiration of well-being recovery. Our philosophy is to balance your inner health; the life energy (Qi of the body).

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